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Random writing from random people
                       Heavy VS Light

We've all seen it. The dudes at the skatepark or street with the super light setup. Race forks and race bars on the freestyle bike. Why? Well, if you are a super smooth park rider, 3/8 axles aren't going to hurt because you are most likely just doing peg grinds on coping and flowing around the park. If you are just starting out in park, I would suggest a 14mm axle because the learning process can be hard on your bike. Crashing a lot and bending parts. As for bars, race bars are called race bars for a reason. They commonly have thinner tubing and are not meant for freestyle. There are plenty of freestyle companies out there that offer bars with the same options as race bars with thicker tubing, stuff that is meant to take a beating.

As for wheel sets, I would choose a 48 spoked rim in the back, triple wall rim with a 14mm axle. That part of the bike takes a lot of the beating on landings on parks or street. As for front wheels, if you are smooth, you could go with a double wall 36 spoke. If you are a big guy or girl, or just plain hard on your bike, you would probably opt for a 48 triple wall on the front. You don't have to be a vert rider to run these. Would you rather be wondering all the time if your front wheel is going to explode on you because of weak parts, or have confidence that it is going to hold up under all the pressure you give it? That's what I thought.

Stuff like pegs and pedals need to be thick and strong. You don't want to wear out a peg in a day because the manufacturer decided to remove much needed thickness. If you are worried about how much a peg weighs, take them off. They are meant to be strong and last forever. Pedal bodies need to be able to take a beating also. If you crash, you don't want to have to pick up pieces of your pedal. Think about it.

As far as forks are concerned, it makes sense to me to run a thick tubing fork so that it can hold up to the pressure you dish out. Nobody wants to wake up on the ground with a bad headache because their fork broke.

Now, the frame. If you are the smooth rider at the park, you can probably run any frame you want. If you are the hardcore street thrasher, get a frame with oversized tubing and an american bottom bracket. Wouldn't it suck for your head tube to break off after hitting a nice ledge or rail? Think about it. Weight doesn't really matter when street is concerned, because you want your crap to last.Those guys with 35-40 pound bikes do it because they want to, not because they have to.

Road Fools= cold fools

This is a story of 2 rowdy bmxers traveling from Conway Arkansas to Monet Missouri to retrieve a bmx bike and ride a little street. The trip went as planned to a certain extent, and then we also got a few surprises. Read on.

We left Conway at about 7:45 am, in hopes to get to Missouri before noon. Kris was driving, and I was riding shotgun. We had our bikes because there was a skatepark in Monet Missouri that we wanted to hit, and some street. Here we are, traveling into Fayetville and about to get some McDonalds. We order, get our food, and start talking on our way out of the parking lot, but in the wrong direction. So we're cruisin' and cuttin' up when we pass a cop. Great. A 45 in a 35. The officer asked for the usual stuff, and gave us a ticket. Awesome. We leave, in the right direction this time, and were on our way.

We arrive in Monett just in time to pass Kris' aunt's house 2 or 3 times. We arrive and knock on the door. No answer. Now keep in mind that this trailer is out in the sticks and it is seriously like 30 degrees out side and windy. His aunt comes to the door and invites us in. This lady was so hospitable to us that it wasn't even funny. Thanks Dana, you rule. We went looking for Kris' cousin Brian and can't find him anywhere. The house where he is staying is more or less a zoo. 8 cats, a dog, 8 rabbits, a corn snake, hamsters etc. Yeah.

After we get tired of looking for Brian, we decide to head out and try to ride. It is so cold outside when we arrive at the park. Be thankful that you have the parks you do in Arkansas because this one sucked. Not taken care of at all, coping missing, and screws takin out. Whatever. So instead of riding park, we go out to ride street. Kris was so cold and so was I, but I brought my bike to Missouri and I was going to session, cold or not. So Kris stayed in the car and followed me from spot to spot while I was on my bike. We found a ledge in front of a Bar, and decided to hit that. It was pretty fun, except for the glass on the landing, because of the beer bottles. I was on a mission and it was not done. for the next half hour, I proceeded to grind anything in my path. I found a ledge that curved and as it curved, got higher off of the ground. I smacked sprocket a couple of times and found a small pipe rail with home made skate stoppers in the top. Bypassing the stoppers, I conquered that rail. Cool. I did some more riding, and then packed up and went back to Dana's. We walked in and watched Smokey and the Bandit. Yeah. A classic. Then Adam showed up. Adam is Kris's cousin, and the dude is crazy. He got back a while ago from the war, and well, dude's crazy. We ate dinner and decided to go out and get Adams son. The ride there was a treat. Bo and Luke have nothing on the wild driving of Adam. I promise those wheels left the ground a couple of times on those back roads in that raised truck. Yeah, we are still alive. We got his son and brought him back to Dana's house and chilled for a while and proceeded to go home.

Kris had 5 dollars and some change that I had. We got some cheep oil, and some gas. Cool. We were leaving about 9 o'clock and we were ready. Ok, it is dark, about 9:30, and we come across some backed up traffic. We saw an emergency helicopter and everything. Pretty big accident. We are stopped in traffic with the gas turned off so as not to waste any. Kris thought he felt the girl behind us hit our car with hers. He hops out, checks it, and she yells out that she didn't hit the car. The traffic is finally moving, we turn the key, and nothing. Crap. So I hop out, and start pushing, and someone passes us and helps me push the car. It finally starts, and we are off. Thanks dude, whoever you are.

After a couple of hours, we pull into a gas station with $1.30 in change. Kris is like, "oh it'll make it, trust me." We are about 10 miles to Conway and the car bonks out. Wonderful. I was ready to start riding my bike to Conway down the freeway. Finally, after 5 minutes, a state trooper lets me call Michelle to tell her to pick us up in Morilton. On our way to Morrilton, the trooper picks up another lady who's car was broke down. Well, Michelle picked us up in Morrilton and we came back home around 2am. During this whole time, Kris' wife Anne is so mad. She is scared something happened. Well, she doesn't know the half of it.

Thanks goes out to Dana, Adam, Michelle, Anne, and anybody else that I forgot. Cheers.

Kris, we'll have to do it again.

Rider Down! (Again) 1/25/05

I'm new to Conway, but Shawn and I have a history. Shawn and I used to ride the Foundation together. That's where I learned the feeble grind. Enough old news, here's the lowdown. Shawn and I were filming around Conway, and Shawn was hitting a rail at an anonymous location, which was FAT! A cop came to check us out, but he was cool about it. We talked about riding for like 5 minutes, then he left. We already had good footage by then, so onward!

We pedal for a while.....

At the next spot Shawn hit a nice little dirt double a few times. Shawn does not like dirt! He was flowin' good though, smooth like butter. I made a new dirt jump, it looks weird, but works well. After hitting that a few times, I pulled a few nice big bunnyhops, including one over a bucket that looks good on tape. Shawn was doing wallrides on a concrete pipe, and did I mention that this guy has balls? He nailed it after several attempts. Good Job Dude! Yeah, I know, get to the point already!

I decided to take the bucket that I mentioned earlier and jump over it with the new jump. I have knee problems that took me out for over 3 yrs. altogether. (Big bad landing at the Foundation). Being out so long, I forgot my BMX geometry. I set the bucket to close to the jump, clipped my front wheel and lost it. I came down on my left foot, my left knee popped out of socket, and sent me down hard. I rolled around in the dirt holding my knee and cussing for a while. Thanx Shawn for not taping any of this.

So now I have a cane for at least a week until I can walk again, and some gnarly scrapes and scratches on my left arm. Before my body could go into shock, I got up on my right foot, got on my bike, and pedaled home one footed of course. Shawn is RAD! He came to my house, checked my mail, cooked me lunch, and of course talked a little trash.

Will I ride again? Don't know. With a 5 year old son and a baby on the way it probably isn't wise. The wife says I'm grounded anyway. Oh well, I'll still be behind the video camera! Rock on.





    Do you ever miss having a bolt on bashguard on your bike like you did in the mid nineties?  I've got a GT bolt on bashguard w/skid plate and I can't find a frame with a small enough down tube to fit it.  Can you recommend any up to date frames that can use the bashguard?  Thanx
I had  somebody make a new clamp piece so my Kore bashguard would fit onto my oversized Huffy frame. It was a lot of work, though. Good luck.
Oh, and yes, I miss that thing!

-Todd Lyons

   Hey whats up man?  I am a rider out of Conway Arkansas and I ride 
brakeless.  I like a mixture of both tech and burly style.  I was 
wondering what you like better, tech or burly? 
   And I have been working on getting 360 airs off of ledges, but 
can't seem to get them down.  I can get a 360 tire tap, but cant seem 
to keep it in the air long enough to rotate all 360 degrees in the 
air.  Any tips?
Christ Rules

What's up Shawn, thanks for writing. Nice picture too. As far as style
goes, I like a mix too. Clean and simple is usually what I like. My
advice for the 360 is to learn how to carve off the lip and tuck your
bike up into you at the same time. This took me forever to learn--I
could only do one or the other. Once you learn to carve hard AND
bunnyhop all at once, you'll be able to spin off anything, even flat

Other than that, I like to turn my head and look under my armpit when
I'm rotating. People say look over your shoulder, but I think that
looks ugly and makes it harder to keep your bike up beneath you. So
don't stretch your body out, keep those handlebars right under your
chin while you spin.

See ya,