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Look what the riders have to say!


This is an interview of my brother. He is a rollerblader and a youth minister.  I'll let the interview do the talking.

State Your name:  Robert McClure 18

How long have you been skating:  around 6 years

What are your favorite things to skate:  old school street

Do you have any regrets in life:  No, everything has brought me to where I am.

If there was a real street contest would you enter? If so, what class, Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced:  Maybe for kicks, and I would enter intermediate

What is your favorite band/music artist:  POD

Who do you admire as a skater/person:  My father in law, David Copeland

What are your religious beliefs:  I believe that a personal relationship with Christ is all that matters in life.

Do you ever plan to turn pro:  Maybe at being a youth minister (laughter)

Any Thanx?  Shawn and April, my wife

Robert lives in Beebe Arkansas and recently got married to the wonderful April Copeland.  He graduated from High school last year, and is doing an internship for the youth ministry.  Yeah.


This is kinda crazy and I am pretty sure this is the first interview with an animal on a BMX website.  Who cares.  Just listen to what Cinderella has to say, or I'm sure she will bite you!  Trust me.
How old are you?  Three years old.
Where do you live?  With my mom and my dad, and my 2 sisters, Kitty and Serena
Why are you so mean to everyone besides your mom and dad?  Everyone is always trying to bite my daddy's style, and that pisses me off.  It has since day one. 
What are your favorite videos?  The Redcube videos rule.  Uncle Robert and daddy have the best parts to.  Style for miles.
Favorite movies?  Gremlins.  Gizmo is a cutie.
What do you do for fun?  Chase the cat toys.  We love those things. 
Any closing comments?  Thanks to mom and dad for raising me and putting up with me and my attitude, Kitty and Serena, thanks for the good times, and to anyone else that has been there for me.  Love Ya!
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