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Trick Tips

Some trick tips for your pleasure

Footjam Nosepick
     Start out on the flat ground by going pretty slow, taking your lead foot and stuffing it into the front wheel between the tire and the fork so that it stops you.  Lean back as far as you need to so that you don't flip over, and as soon as your back tire gets back on the ground, take a back pedal and ride away. 
     As soon as you master this, lift up the front wheel, put your lead foot into the tire like before, and just make sure you lean back enough so that you don't flip and don't get to much speed into this trick.  The ride out is the same as a fakie or a kickturn out whenever your back wheel hits the ground.  It might take a while to get your footing right, but when you master it, you will be the next X Games champ.

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