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Justin Harrel
Ok, this is the first interview.  Justin is one of my good friends and he is a RAD skater, so that is why I chose him for this interview.  Enjoy!

State Your name: Justin Cole Harrel
How long have you been skating:  10 months  

What are your favorite things to skate:  gaps, stairs, boxes and hips
If there was a real street contest would you enter? If so, what class, Beginner, Intermediate, or advanced:  intermediate

What is your favorite band/music artist:   311, strata, the used, the misfits...

Who do you admire as a skater/person:  rodney mullen the greatest

What are your religious beliefs:  God has influenced my skating

Do you ever plan to turn pro:  i definitely want to go pro in a few years.

Any Thanx?   i would like to give thanks for shawn my team manager and everbody on the team who pushes me to do better. And church of skate. and also joey from goodwheel skate shop for all his help and tips

And that's Justin "Mullen Style" Harrel